Recent and select work

Mission Local/SF Gate

"San Francisco General Hospital cuts social works and trouble follows," Mission Local. August 9, 2018

The One $ Store becomes too pricy a cultural asset to keep,” Mission Local. Jun 13, 2018

Tony Machado, one of SF Mission’s first muralists, dies at 63,” Mission Local. Jun 27, 2018

"Gang injunctions grilled by Board of Supervisors panel," Mission Local. June 14, 2018

Suspect in dismemberment murder makes first court appearance,” Mission Local. Jun 8, 2018

"SF Real estate powers pounce on Measure C," Mission Local. May 30, 2018

Pride takes over the city, and transgender activists focus on violence at the border,” Mission Local. Jun 22, 2018

"Road to SFPD reform cautiously, sometimes haltingly, engages community," Mission Local. January 1, 2018. *Awarded Society for Professional Journalists of Northern California award for ongoing coverage of the police.

Radio pieces for KALW, NPR affiliate

"The New Gold Rush: How tourist rentals are affecting San Francisco’s housing market," KALW. March 2014. **Awarded Society for Professional Journalists of Northern California award for Explanatory Journalism.

Bay Area cities expand employment protections for ex-convicts,” KALW. February 2014.

"Was an Innocent Man Sent to Prison for Killing a Cop 46 Years Ago?," August 2016.

The Nation

“How Israel Uses Water to Control Palestinian Life.” The Nation. July 2015

In These Times

"Design And Punishment," In These Times Magazine. February 2014